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Our Acoustic Panels and Diffusers help create a better sound experience. 

Where Craftsmanship meets Solution.

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Acoustic Wave Control

In the 1970's sound systems were becoming a vital enrichment  in homes and home theater systems were just beginning to be developed and sound studios were still using egg cartons for sound proofing. 

Since then, technology has made great strides and offers many options.

Acoustic Wave Control was born out of necessity. More powerful speakers with high tech sensors sound great in a sound room, but once you get them home, you find the sound is not as impressive. 

This is the result of sound and the means in which it travels through the air. 

Sound is a wave moving up and down across a path just like water, and when the wave (sound wave) hits a hard surface it is re-directed back or reflected in the direction it came from. This is called echo or noise. This noise causes your sound to loose its clarity.  

Craftsmanship meets Solution

  This where Craftsmanship meets Solution. We design and create some of the most affordable and stylish acoustic panels available. We have options to meet your needs and in a verity of sizes, colors and thickness.  From walls, and floors to ceiling solutions.

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Our product is backed by a 100% satisfaction Guarantee. 

We believe in our quality product and want you to tell your friends about us!

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Acoustic Wave Control

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