Acoustic Panel Packages

Classic Series Room Package

Acoustic panel packages and home theater sound kits up to 10'x10 with no more then an 8' ceiling. Acoustic panel kits Includes

2 Classic Series 3'x4'x1" panel sku:cs431

2 Classic Series Bass Traps 10"x14"x3' sku:cbt10143

Heritage Series Room Package

This is the Heritage Series 64 package. Suggested for room 10'x15' with an 8' ceiling. Includes:

  1. 6 Heritage Series 4'x3'x2" acoustic panels sku:Hs432.
  2. 2 Heritage Series 10"x14"x4' Corner Bass Traps sku:Hs10144
  3. 2 Heritage Series 10"x14"x2' Corner Bass Traps. sku:Hs10142

Style Package

We offer style packages in many shapes and configurations. You can mix and match colors within the category group.

Heritage Series Style 814


  1. 8 - 1'x4'x2" Heritage Series Acoustic Panels in 2 available series colors or any combination of colors available within the Series.

Heritage Series Stlye 4331


  1. 4 - 2'x4'x2" Heritage Series Acoustic Panels. sku:Hs412
  2. 3 - 1'x4'x2" Heritage Series Acoustic Panels. sku:Hs142

Many styles to choose from